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Phoebe’s Faves, Phoebe’s Jazz Faves and Phoebe’s Cover Collection are three distinctive bands – each representing a different genre and featuring vocalist and songwriter Mette Lethan.

Copenhagen - Chicago - New York
Singer-songwriter Mette Lethan resides in Copenhagen but has been educated in both Chicago and New York. She often travels to the US to perform as well as to draw inspiration. Her international experience and collaboration with various musicians throughout the world have made her an attentive artist with a unique sense of style. Her repertoire is always chosen with care and is tailor made for you, whether it be for a dinner, dance, party, reception or concert. Mette Lethan moves seamlessly between each genre with the utmost accuracy and professionalism. With Phoebe’s, your event will always be extraordinary!

The story about Phoebe’s
Phoebe’s Faves was originally formed at the request of one of Denmark's largest advertising agencies. At that time, the band played under another name and functioned as a tribute band to Norah Jones. The firm wished to honor a major client with music from his favorite artist - Norah Jones. It was an extravagant event, and Mette Lethan and her band was able to create that special atmosphere to make the event a success!

Mette Lethan’s first stay in USA clarified her wish to pay tribute to not only Norah Jones but also other singers and songwriters that each have inspired Lethan's musical journey. With Phoebe’s Faves, the repertoire was expanded to also include moving cover versions of songs originally performed by artists as Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy, Sheryl Crow and India Arie. Shortly thereafter, Phoebe’s Jazz Faves was formed. This band's focus is on jazz and swing; it is a tribute to Mettes Lethan’s favorite jazz vocalists and compositions. Finally Phoebe’s Cover Collection was formed; a collection of the most splendid hits that have filled countless dance floors throughout time.

Top professional musicians
Each of the three bands consists of top professional musicians, all with immense passion for their chosen genre. All have varied experience in providing music for private as well as business functions and concert engagements in addition to studio and TV productions in Denmark and internationally. When Mette Lethan and her bands take the stage, it is with a special ambiance and an energy that gives the audience something personal every time.

Phoebe’s builds the band for each event.
The ensemble of musicians and instrumentation are chosen specifically to suit your individual preferences.
In addition, a repertoire is provided from which songs may be chosen for the setlist of a given performance.
Mette Lethan may also be booked for an a capella performance (without musical accompaniment). This is recommended for smaller, more intimate gatherings.

...once again thank you for your music at Hotel Nyborg Strand. You really were a big hit! ...
A. R. Hjaelmhof, Corporate Finance Management, Novo Nordisk
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Phoebe's Cover Collection (track on it's way)
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