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Aside from writing, co-writing and performing original songs, Mette Lethan vocalizes ”undercover” in different ensembles spanning various genres. She's called upon to perform live with the bands or to record lead and/or harmony vocals with them.

Mette also appears in TV and radio commercials – acting, speaking or over-dubbing, in both Danish and English. Also in these projects, she draws heavily on her many experiences from her ongoing US adventures.

Mette's main undercover projects are: her three cover-bands which include Phoebe's Faves, Phoebe's Jazz Faves and Phoebe's Cover Collection and the concert trilogy: The Indigo Lounge.

For booking and more info on the main projects, please choose from the menu above.

For booking and more info regarding other projects, please contact Mette directly and
”stay tuned” to the News & Blog section.

How beautifully you sang at my wedding, your voice went straight to our hearts and gave joy to everybody...
A. J. Romero Munch, Bride
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