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To me, teaching + learning = sharing

Sharing time, sharing curiousness and sharing knowledge about a certain area or subject - here it means sharing knowledge about music, creating music together and sharing it with others.

It's a constant exchange of skills, ideas, motivation and challenges - in respect for each person in the room: what they bring into the room, what they can create here and now, and what they can bring along with them afterwards.

I practice this every time I share music with others; youngsters and adults alike; be it students attending my classes and workshops, or others seeking my support, wherever they might be on their music path.

Sharing and exchanging musical thoughts, ideas and skills gives me a personal kick EVERY time - there's ALWAYS something to learn and gain, by sharing music with others!

In the top menu I've listed different ways of sharing music. For updates on current and coming activities please check the News & Blog section and Facebook page, where you can meet my students and other music lovers.'re great teacher and the many input, you gave us, have given us even bigger inspiration...
M. B. Svejstrup, Reflekt ApS
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